OverSouls Therapy

Here at OverSouls Therapy we offer a unique approach to relationship counselling and psychotherapy for couples and individuals whilst providing a safe, confidential space to talk and explore. We Specialise in fertility & relationship issues and use an integrative approach to each of our clients.

COVID-19 - At present all counselling sessions will be delivered online till further notice.

We can help you gain insight into past and present issues and also help you develop resources to cope in the future.

OverSouls Therapy pride itself in working specificallly with relationship and fertility issues in both individuals and couples. We work with clients in Glasgow and the surrounding area and also clients all across the United kingdom and internationally.

We are a small & unique counselling practice dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their full potential and get the most from their sessions. We specialise in helping couples and individuals with a wide range of relationship difficulties and tailor our approach to each client

Relationship Counselling

Most relationships have ups & downs and speaking to a trained counsellor/psychotherapist can make all the difference whether that be a feeling of something isn't exactly right or your dealing with a more diffcult issue.

Fertility Counselling

Fertility counselling deals with issues that include Infertility, IVF treatment and Surrogacy. Attending counselling to deal with the emotions that arise from these treatments can help throughout the experience.

Why Counselling?

Life can be UNPREDICTABLE and sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and confused.

In counselling, a therapist will LISTEN carefully, and help guide you to explore the ISSUE you are coming with and ultimately you can find the best way to move forward. It can give you the opportunity to explore feelings, THOUGHTS and behaviour or discover new perspectives.

Here at OVERSOULS THERAPY we offer face to face counselling along with online & telephone counselling for anyone struggling to travel to our office.

I really seen no way forward for me and my partner after our infertility issues over the past 9 years but coming to counselling has helped how I feel about myself. I cant thank the team enough.



Anyone even thinking about counselling should book in. I dont know where I would be without having someone to talk to about my issues.



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