Fertility Counselling



Fertility counselling deals with issues that include Infertility, IVF treatment, Surrogacy and Adoption. Attending counselling to deal with the emotions that arise from these treatments can be overwhelming.

We create an environment that can help with the day to day uncertainties, manage the emotions that go on within your relationships and help you to develop coping strategies. You can attend fertility counselling as an individual or in a couple/family.


There are many things to consider when starting fertility treatment and counselling should be offered to you. What type of counselling you need depends on where you are in your journey. Counselling can come in three forms as explained below.

Support Counselling -

During your treatment support counselling focuses specifically on how you are coping and what feelings you are experiencing. The therapist will help with coping strategies and support you through the experience of treatment.

Implications Counselling - 

Specific types of treatment have implications that need to be discussed before, during and after treatment. this can involve using donated sperm, eggs or embryos. The implications of the treatment needs to be discussed regarding everyone involved from the donor to the potential family and even the surrogate and her family. Another part of implications counselling is providing welfare of child assessments.

Therapeutic Counselling -

Therapeutic counselling sessions are used when there are issues over and above the fertility treatment that you would like to discuss. this can be issues from your past or if there are any difficulties in your relationships.


As fertility treatment is such an important and delicate experience to undergo, when seeking a fertility counsellor please make sure that you attend with someone that is a fully qualified counsellor to diploma level or above and has extensive training, experience and an understanding of this specific field. At OverSouls Therapy our fertility counsellor/psychotherapist is qualified to masters degree level and has undergone a further advanced diploma level training specifically in fertility counselling. The therapist is also a member of the BACP & National Fertility Society.